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The team


Grazia Todeschini, PhD

PI, Reader in Engineering 

With an industrial and academic background, I have a clear understading of power system operation. 

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Zehua Tang

PhD student

Research topic: control and optimal operation of novel distribution power systems and microgrids.

Research interests: power system modelling, distribution networks and microgrids.

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Abdulaziz Alhayd

PhD student

Research topic: energy balance between supply and demand using machine learning.

Research interests: renewable energy, energy economy, forecasting supply and demand, energy efficiency.

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Zulkiflu Musa S/Adar

PhD student

Research topic: Electric vehicles charging forecast using machine learning.

Research interests: electric vehicles charging profile, renewable energy integration, power electronics and drives, application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to power and energy systems.

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Tao Hu

PhD student 

Research topic: adaptive control strategy for inertial response and primary frequency response of VSGs.

Research interests: power system stability, power system modelling, control. 

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Yuhan Shao

PhD student

Research topic: Enhancement of the UK grid stability by combined offshore wind and hydrogen generation

Research interests: wind power, VSC-MTDC, power system modelling and energy storage.

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Hao Zou

PhD student

Research topic: Use of control techniques to suppress oscillations in power systems with parallel inverters

Research interests: power system modelling, harmonic analysis, power system stability

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